RDI Foundation Drilling in Texas

CranesSince 2002, RDI Foundation Drilling has delivered professional results to clients throughout the state of Texas. A division of TSC, our organization serves the needs of the drilling industry for a series of infrastructures. Reach out to us today to discuss your project and start work with our team.

Count on Our Experience

Backed by more than 40 years of experience in the foundation drilling industry, our team has the expertise needed to tackle a range of service options. Our work has taken us to places throughout Puerto Rico, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, and states in between.

Proficient in a full range of specialty services, our company is fully capable of design and construction of cost-effective systems to meet the needs of every client. We have an extensive fleet of top equipment, including well-maintained cranes, drill rigs, excavators, and pile hammers. Our goal is to geographically expand to offer the top solutions for every client.

Since starting operation, we have aided with projects of all sizes and complexities. Our work has included jobs dealing with a range of drilling conditions. Speak with us to learn about our past projects, including the following:

  • Large Switchyard/Substations
  • Vibrating Casing
  • Barge & Water Work
  • Concrete Pile Driving
  • Transmission Power Lines Foundations
  • Highway Bridges & Refineries
  • Commercial Building Foundations
  • Slurry Drilling
  • Limited Clearance & Access & Specialty Shafts
  • Rock Drilling
  • Drill Shaft & Concrete Pile Driving for Commercial Work
  • Highway Bridges & Refineries

Pile Driving

Driven piles are made of steel, wood, or concrete. These components are installed with an impact hammer and are used to support buildings, bridges, and industrial structures of any size.


Concentric Drilling

This foundation method typically uses a DTH rig or crane to install pipe pile through almost any ground condition. A casing “shoe” is welded to a pipe pile casing and a rig bit installed. After this welding, a pilot bit is lowered through the pipe shaft and locked to the ring bit. Together they drill a hole large enough to allow the casing to be pulled into the hole.

Sheet Piles

These interlocking steel sections are driven in the ground with a vibratory or impact hammer and are used to support excavations or soil removal. They are common in both temporary and permanent applications. Because sheets make a continuous steel wall, they are useful in applications to stop water infiltration, loose soil infiltration, and migration of soils.

Soldier Piles

Soldier shoring consists of piles that are installed several feet from each other in a picket fence type of alignment. The piles are typically H beams that have been installed with a hammer or into pre-drilled shafts. Timber lagging is then installed between the H beams to restrain the soil. In some situations, deeper excavations may require tiebacks to be installed at the piles for additional soil support.

Contact us to work with our team for your drilling projects. We offer our heavy civil infrastructure services throughout Texas.