Metro Transit Construction in Texas

Metro Light RailMetro Light Rail (3 Concurrent Contracts)

Type of Job: 7.5-Mile Section of 1st Light Rail, 16 Stations; Electrical, Water & Sewer, Drainage Structures, Concrete Paving, & Utility Tunnels
Contract Amount: $80.2 Million
Duration: 2002-2004
Location: Houston, TX
Client: Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO)

One of our signature projects included the first three segments of light rail to be constructed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston Texas (METRO). This project included a 7.5-mile section, with 16 stations covering various areas throughout the city.

Downtown, the entire ROW was rebuilt from building to building, including pavers, electrical, water & sewer, drainage structures, concrete paving and utility tunnels. Work was completed ahead of schedule, in time for 64,000 passengers to travel to Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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