Port Freeport Container Storage Terminal

Port Freeport Container Storage TerminalTexas Sterling Construction was the prime contractor on this project to construct a 20-acre concrete paved container storage terminal along the existing operating 800’ wharf unloading facility. This site is located within the City of Freeport, Brazoria County, Texas and will be operated by the Port Freeport Commission.

Ultimate pavement areas include the following: a) grounded load storage, b) wheeled storage, c) refrigerated cargo (reefer) storage, d) grounded empty storage, and e) access and circulation roads.
The geotechnical data developed contained the following information: The soil classification combined a mixture of sandy fat clay (CH), sandy lean clay (CL), fat clay (CH) and lean clay soils (CL). Groundwater was typically encountered in depths of 13 to 18 feet.

The project was divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 included half of the yard base removal and paving installation to keep the existing containers in storage on the Phase 2 area. It is worth mentioning that there are several Port Freeport’s tenants utilizing the facilities such as Vulcan Materials, Chiquita Brands, and Dole Food Company, therefore, planning the traffic control and safety aspects were vital in this operation. Once Phase 1 was finished, Phase 2 could start which would complete the remaining yard area. The owner mobilized the containers into the new paved area on Phase 1 at this time. Phase 3 included the same scope of work from Phase 1&2 for a road into the Vulcan Materials facility. TSC developed a change in the traffic control plans to alleviate the traffic for trucks delivering and picking up materials at Vulcan.

This project included 36,000 CY of existing limestone base removal. All existing limestone base removed was hauled off and placed at an outside lot as part as a future parking lot facility (not included in TSC’s scope of work). The subgrade design consisted of 6" cement stabilized limestone base subgrade installation mixed on site. Pavement design included a 1" asphalt bond breaker for the 87,000 SY of 15" JRCP dowel control and construction joints with 4400 psi concrete and double mat epoxy-coated reinforcement. There were electrical duct-bank conduits and air-crafted rated pull boxes with stub up plugs for future reefer stations installed in the container yard.

TSC setup a concrete batch plant on site used for all concrete paving and miscellaneous utilities concrete. The job had approximately 60 employees for a total of over 70,000 MH’s with no recordable accidents. The job was also performed with great quality standards and did not receive a single NCR from the Construction Manager/Engineer.