Expansion of Staging Yard

Expansion of Staging YardTSC received a notice to proceed in October of 2013 for this Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) project. Upon establishing erosion control measures and completing clearing of trees and brush, several removals were required for the improvement including mid to large diameter storm drainage pipe and structures, sanitary sewer, cast iron and ductile iron pipe, asphalt and concrete pavement, railroad tracks and fencing.

The project required 110,000 CY of excavation during the two phases of construction. TSC collaborated with the Port of Houston to identify, quantify and create environmental mitigation plans for contaminated soils that occurred on the site. Once the existing soil was tested and analyzed, approximately 14,000 tons of contaminated earth was removed from the site.

Significantly, the project required 15-inch CRCP pavement designed with a 25-foot joint pattern and contained two mats of reinforcing steel. TSC worked with the Port of Houston to rearrange the work in areas to avoid impacts to daily operations within the Industrial Park East Facility.

TSC also installed 11 new area lighting poles for illumination and new 8-foot fencing with barb wire with entry gates. The project included 2900 LF of new water line with 7 fire hydrants, 1,300 LF of sanitary sewer and manholes, 800 LF of storm drainage pipe with structures and 1,000 LF of reinforced concrete box culverts. Approximately 40,000 CY of concrete were produced for the project at a central mix plant.