Interstate 1-45 Widening

Project Owner: Texas Department of Transportation

IH 45 Navarro CountyThe 1-45 Corsicana widening (North Job) is located 2 miles south of Business 45 to 1- 45 Business north in Corsicana. This project is one of two along the 1- 45 Corridor extending from Freestone County through Corsicana, TX. Overall, the project consists of widening of an 8.3-mile section of Interstate 45 from four lanes to six lanes. TSC completed over 65% of the work using our own forces on this complex highway project with a significant concrete reconstruction scope. TSC overcame significant challenges to complete the widening of seven existing bridges and the construction of three new bridges across the 1-45 corridor. Work was adjacent to live traffic within the corridor and included overlay work, concrete pavement replacement, reinforced rapid set concrete and lean concrete base, upgraded guard railing, new traffic loops for traffic count stations at various locations, and 1,000,000 LF of pavement delineation. TSC managed the efforts of 17 subcontractors to successfully deliver the scope of work under this project.

Although a different physical location, the 1-45 Widening project is similar in size and complexity to this Port of Houston project. Both projects occur within high-use environments and require a focused approach to safety and security within the project site. Both require a large volume of concrete production work to be completed in a short amount of time to achieve substantial completion milestones. TSC was successful in scheduling the people and resources to perform a substantial amount of work in a single shift to keep the project on schedule. Both projects required the coordination of utility relocation and repair, coordination with both outside agencies and departments within the client (TxDOT), and the development of an environmental plan that includes sound and dust control, site control, and SWPPP administration.